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Offshore Services

Given the current constrained market conditions, there has been an increasing demand for work to be outsourced beyond the borders of the U.S. Though this "offshore" strategy does offer savings to the client in reducing base cost, there are a great deal of soft, or "hidden", costs that come into play while managing an onsite/offshore relationship. Some of those include:

  • Delayed response time - time zone issues
  • Less visibility for clients to work product
  • Travel and communication costs
  • Potential 'host country' political issues

All this means that when the project is completed, the client may end up spending more than initially anticipated, AND compromise on quality.

We have come up with a different approach to managing projects and providing complete solutions to our clients. This approach is the offsite concept. What this means is that we will execute the project near the client's site, or 'offsite' (a virtual extension to the client) at rates competitive to offshore rates, without compromising on quality of work. The client gets nearly all the advantages that he would get with the project done onsite, and sees the value proposition in combining quality with cost effectiveness.

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